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Are you a list maker? I am, sort of, and by that I mean I do so inconsistently, but find pleasure in actually writing things down and bringing some order to my sometimes chaotic mind. Not that i’m knocking chaos – in its most positive form, it keeps the ideas percolating and can be a fun ride through my imagination.

lots of lists

Sometimes I make lists of lists: books I want to read, movies I want to see, ideas for photography projects, questions I want to explore through writing, places I want to see. Then I’ll fill one in, as the mood strikes me. Other times, i’m more methodical: write the topic and then list out items below.

Today, I’m inspired to make a joy list. Here are some people/places/things that have lifted me up recently.

  1. Small, cubed new potatoes, roasted in salsa macha. Great for breakfast, full “recipe” below.*
  2. Hugs. Especially from those I haven’t hugged in almost a year and a half!
  3. Meaningful and honest conversations, where I feel seen and heard and can be that person for others, as well.
  4. The smell of freshly ground coffee in the morning.
  5. Weekends with no plans. Weekends with plans.
  6. This adorable, tiny genius.
  7. A therapist who really gets me, who is gently challenging and warmly accepting.
  8. The memoir Priestdaddy, by Patricia Lockwood. Both respectful and irreverent, one of my favorite blends.
  9. That when I mention wealth redistribution (as in, I’m in favor if it), people are totally agreeing. (Note: Many of these people would have agreed with me in the Before Time, but I’ve also had my share of being told socialism is evil.)

    *My recipe, so to speak: Cube small, unpeeled new potatoes and toss with salsa macha. Dump onto parchment-lined baking sheet. Toss cherry tomatoes with a bit of olive oil and sea salt. Dump onto other half of baking sheet. Roast at 400 F for 20 minutes or so. Serve with scrambled eggs and sliced avocado wedges.

    Note: Next time, I will try steaming the potato cubes for a few minutes first. They will roast more quickly and probably be crispier. Also, the tomatoes may be done first, and that’s for the best. They taste better slightly warm, or even at room temperature, unless you want to play The Floor is Lava in your mouth, which you probably don’t.

    Other note: I have no affiliation with Kuali Salsa, other than knowing it’s amazingly yummy and wanting to support local businesses. They deliver, even outside of California.

There’s one more joy: making this list. Writing down what makes me joyful is a way of remembering and also something I can go back to if I need inspiration, or a boost.


What’s on your list, joy or otherwise? Please feel free to share in the comments, or email me.


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