a little light

Leaf, flowers on a black background

Creativity can take many forms. It can be ephemeral—wordplay, a witty remark, a fresh perspective. Or it can be tangible—an essay, a photograph, a collage. I’m musing these days on how writing itself can also be a collage, as I collect my thoughts on paper and screen, let them sit and then rearrange later.

Every creative act is a small step forward, an act of hope. It can be a way of saying what we create may live on after we’re gone. Or that I’m going to keep trying this, even though I don’t know where it’s going. Sometimes it’s feeling one step forward in a darkened room, with just enough light so we don’t stumble, but not enough to see the entire space of possibilities around us.

Here are a couple of resources that I go to for creative play and learning.

VAWAA, or Vacation With An Artist, offers online classes in photomontage, painting, writing, drawing, cooking, and all kinds of goodness. They offer mini apprenticeships all over the world, something I look forward to post-pandemic.

Creative Mornings is another organization that has moved online. In the before time, I used to go to their talks and field trips. Everything they offer is free, inspiring and community focused.

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