calendar of delights


Some days feel heavier than others.

On days that need a bit of lightening, I will often try something simple that also delights me. Here are just a few ideas that popped into my brain. You can probably think of dozens more.

  1. Sit under a very large tree. Breathe. Imagine how many before you have sat under this same tree. Imagine how many will after you. Send your very best wishes to all of them.
  2. Write without stopping for 20-30 minutes about anything that comes to mind. No editing, no censoring.
  3. Pick a color to notice today, say purple. Walk outside and notice all the purple. Bonus: take a picture of the most delightful purply (or any color you choose) thing you find.
  4. Re-read your favorite childhood book.
  5. Recall your favorite song when you were 13. Does it bring back memories of awkward, sweaty school dances, hanging out with your best friend, early teen angst? Wave to that kid who was probably way cooler than they ever imagined.
  6. Make up a joke, a riddle, or a funny story. If you’re feeling self-conscious, see if you can remember the last time a kid under 10 told you a joke. Was it brilliant, an indicator of a future special on Netflix? Maybe, but even if not, I bet it was told with an anticipation that you’d laugh. And I bet you did.
  7. Make a collage based on your favorite character or scene in that childhood book. Realism isn’t important here; see if you can express the feelings this character or scene evokes in you. Find bits of pretty paper, look for pictures in magazines, or old birthday or holiday cards, cut them out, and arrange on paper (card stock is good). Take a photo with your phone to remember the placement, and then glue the various bits to your paper.
  8. Make a collage intuitively. Gather materials (pictures, paper and glue stick) and play with color, form, composition. Play is key—no expectations, just follow your imagination where it wants to go.
  9. Stretch. Be as literal or metaphorical as you want. 🙂
  10. Make a list of your favorite scents and then go on a treasure hunt to find them, even if it’s in your own kitchen. I have a bottle of vanilla extract with citrus that I love to open and inhale from. I will cook with it one of these days.
  11. Sit near some moving water. If you can’t get to a beach or a river, sit by a fountain. Listen for a few moments and see if your heartbeat and your breathing slow just a bit.
  12. Make chocolate-covered strawberries.
  13. Your idea here

Here is a calendar page for July to print. If you like, write in a few delightful, things you plan to do, or work backwards and if you do something, write it in after Or not—do whatever delights you.

2 thoughts on “calendar of delights”

  1. Hi Susan! I love your suggestions. I’m going to try to collage based on a favorite character from a childhood book. I read Watership Down multiple times in the 6th grade, so it’s Hazel the lead rabbit (or maybe Kehaar, the cantankerous seagull and guide). I love your words and photos. You are always inspiring! Enjoy your day!

    1. Hi Sara, awesome! I’m so glad you enjoyed the post and can’t wait to see your collage. Look forward to making art together again, too! In the meantime, we have virtual creative spaces.

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