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About me

I'm Susan, a well-intentioned troublemaker, kaleidoscopic feeler, bleeding heart, infinitive splitter, proud crybaby, and a dreamer.


I want to live in a world where we're a lot kinder to each other, where we honor both the collective good and individual freedom of expression, where we appreciate the beauty all around us, where gifts of sensitivity and depth of feeling are celebrated, and where we see our lives and the people in them with wonder.

As a life coach, I received training and certification from the Courageous Life Coaching Certification, which challenged me in the best possible way. I honed my active listening skills, learned to ask questions that go deep but always with kindness, and experienced the sheer joy of co-creating a coaching session.

When I'm not coaching, I'm reading greedily, building web pages, spending time with family and friends, playing with my amazing grandson, walking, occasionally whipping up a batch of the most delicious gluten-free chocolate chip cookies ever, and taking photos – of the curious beauty I find outdoors and of the little worlds I create indoors.


If anything, believe in your own strange loveliness.
How your body, even as it stumbles, angles for light.
The way you hold a dandelion with such yearning and tenderness, the whole world stops spinning.

Maya Stein

Maybe this is you. You're feeling stuck, or a little sad, or at loose ends because you need more in your life. Maybe it's to follow your creative ideas wherever they lead. Maybe it's an insistent feeling that you have something to offer the world, and you're not sure what it is or how to go about it. Maybe you're scared to fail, or scared to succeed. Or maybe a little of each.

Sometimes your dreams feel too big and too out of reach, but there's a part of you that believes you can realize those dreams. You start and you stop, daring to hope, getting the tiniest bit closer, taking some brave steps and then retreating. You feel sad and maybe even ashamed when you let yourself down, and then you tell yourself a zillion stories about how and why your dream is impossible.

So why not just give up? Because the small, tenacious part of you that wants the dream, the part that still believes in magic, has wisdom, depth, and richness and is hoping you'll receive its gifts.

I've been there. I still go there sometimes. I am sometimes messy and don't have everything figured out. But I have a few techniques and love helping people get from Point A to Point Whatever. Your Whatever may seem fuzzy or elusive now, but there is beauty and honor in the process.

We can look at what your dreams are and how you can move closer to them, using practices we design together. I believe, too, that part of getting closer to those dreams is witnessing the beauty that surrounds us, experiencing more moments of awe in our everyday lives, seeing with fresh eyes and a sense of wonder and play, along with tangible steps.

If any or all of this feels true and right, I'd love to co-create with you. And co-creating is key. Not only do hierarchical relationships give me a rash, they don't work well, in my experience. You have the answers, and sometimes working with an active listener and curious questioner who's excited about your dreams is what's needed to bring those answers to the surface.

This is not about rainbows and unicorns (although those are super awesome and should be appreciated), and transcendent moments can co-exist with the gamut of emotions. I don't believe in masking sadness or anger, or that we can wave a wand and suddenly feel grateful or happy or sparkly, unless those feelings are genuine. It means feel what you feel and at the same time, together, we make some room for some everyday wonder and magic and for tangible practices that move you toward what you dream of most.

Coaching with me is:


You decide what you'd like to work on for the next three months or more. I ask you clarifying questions, we try a variety of aproaches and check in during sessions to make sure you're moving toward your goals, adjusting whatever feels right and whatever will serve you best.


We come up with practices together that will move you toward your dreams. Some are immediate, things you can do today. Some practices are longer-term. But all help move you toward what you desire.


This is about you and your dreams, whatever those may be. You are always in choice in what and how you want to create. You will bring your unique gifts to this process and define your own version of success.


Susan is a highly intuitive, compassionate and encouraging life coach. She has the uncanny ability to tune in with me as a client on all levels: emotionally, spiritually, intellectually, and physically. She meets me where I am without judgment and brilliantly and gently offers questions to allow me to access my own inherent knowing and deep wisdom. Because of my coaching with Susan, I am able to notice, process, learn from, and wholeheartedly celebrate all of my emotions. I am deeply grateful to Susan for her care, thoughtfulness, and genuine support. Not only is she insightful and witty, but she is an authentic and truly endearing human being.

Terri, California


Susan is kind, thoughtful and has a sixth sense for unspoken things. She's a careful listener who takes time to reflect with kindness and without judgement. I'm grateful for our conversations

Tese, California


Susan created so much space for me to experience my feelings around a topic of growth and change and identity. Her attuned intuition opened a door for some new things to come to the surface and she held my hand as we navigated through together. She knew just what to ask to get me to dig in deeper and she brought her genuine curiosity to the session. With her calming presence, I was completely at ease with this new information and I felt very held and free as we embraced the unknown together.

Kindel, New York


Susan brings a presence of safety and support in the coaching session. I felt truly heard and cared about which was important to me. Susan has a way of holding a safe space while she helped me explore my long held beliefs which no longer served me, so I could move forward into a space of believing in myself and my ability to lean into a mindset of confidence and self trust needed to shift a destructive self-defeating habitual behavior.

Marilyn, Ohio


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